Student Thesis

Thesis Collection The Thesis Collection comprises about 80 master degree research thesis and 43 BS thesis. This collection is housed in the Reference Room of the library. To request access to a specific thesis please ask at the reference desk in the library.

The FCC Library collects all Master and BS thesis defended at Forman Christian College. All thesis are considered manuscripts therefore they are reference only and can only be used within the Library. The copyright of a thesis resides with the author, so their approval is required for copying. For the contact information of the authors please turn to Department Coordinators. A thesis may be consulted for research purposes only, and any reference to its contents must be duly acknowledged.

The Theses Collection is located in the Reference Room (009). All theses are searchable through the Online Catalog by author, title.

Please note that the theses CANNOT be borrowed.

Please click here to download the alphabetical list of all the thesis available in the library.