Readers’ Services

Help desk is located in the main hall of the library which provides different types of ready reference services to the library users. Users can ask for a periodical issues, newspaper, help in the use of library portal, signup for internet access terminals and can obtain various forms such as photocopy forms, library membership form, theft report form and various other forms on the Help Desk. In depth inquiries of reference nature such as help in literature searching, searching online databases, HEC digital library and full-text articles request may please be directed to the Research Help Desk in Room No. 009.

Periodicals Library provides 10 newspapers, 20 Journals and 10 Magazines. You have to submit your college card to the Help Desk and borrow the periodical within the library premises. For journals and magazine titles please click here:

Help to use Library-Iportal If you need any help in the use of library portal in finding books from the library, you may ask the Help Desk and the efficient help will be provided to you by the Help Desk Incharge:

1. Search the books 2. Locating call numbers. 3. Library Collection Direction

Internet Access Terminals The Library offers free Internet Access Terminals to the users. These terminals are available in the main reading hall of the library. Users of this service can make Internet Searches to retrieve information on the Web, access the Online Databases and Full-text document repositories or search the Ewing Memorial Library Catalog. The service is available on first-come-first-served basis. The Sign-in sheets are available at the Help Desk.

Photocopy Services The Library provides you with photocopy services on those books and periodicals which can’t be issued or only used within the library. You can make a request for photocopy by fill a form which is available on Help desk.

Library Forms Following forms are available on the Help Desk:

1. Library Membership Form 2. Newspaper Request form 3. Theft report form 4. Photocopy Permission Form 5. Room Reserve Form