Library Collections

The Ewing Memorial Library holds a rich collection of books, 30 journal subscriptions, some renowned magazines, 9 daily newspapers and a large number of online resources which cover all the subject areas studied at the Forman Christian College – A Chartered University. The Library features an open stack collection to provide quick and easy access for readers. Library Collection is organized under the following may be categories:

General Books Library has more than 70,000 books  on its shelves. These books are organized on three floors of the library according to the Dewey’s Decimal Classification Scheme and shelved subjects wise according to their call numbers (000-999) pasted on the spine of each item. Please do not shelve the books while borrowing and reading instead just leave these books on the table later to be shelved by the library staff.

Reference Collection The library has a strong collection valuable reference resources are available in the Reference Section in Room No. 009. This collection consists of various dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, yearbooks, atlases are distinct feature of this collection. Reference collections are not to be issued material and only are allowed to be consulted within the library premises.

Thesis Collection The Thesis Collection comprises about 340 Master degree and M. Phil research thesis. This collection is housed in the Reference Room of the library. To request access to a specific thesis please ask at the reference desk in the library.

Folio (College Magazine) The Library houses the collection of Folio the college magazines with some of the issues dating back to 1885 onwards. The Folio collection is housed in the reference room and due to its historical nature it is considered as non-issuable material. Users can only consult this collection in the library premises.

Nur-i-Afshan The library also holds a unique collection of a historical newspaper “Nur-i-Afshan” which used to be published before partition of Indo-Pak during the years 1873-1944 . It’s a very rare collection as the library holds the only copy of this resource, some issues of these resources dates back to 1870s.

Audio Visual and Electronic Materials Ewing Memorial Library also contains a small collection of audio-visual material such as CDs, DVDs, Video and Audio Cassettes. For using Audio-Visual equipment, please contact our Help Desk.

Press Clippings The library maintains a collection of press clippings related to FCC news that are published in national newspapers.