Journals and Magazines

The library subscribes to 23 international journals  in print in different subject areas. The current issues of journals & magazines are displayed on special shelves in the library. Back files of these periodicals are housed separately.

    1. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems
    2. Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
    3. Communication of the ACM
    4. Comparative Literature Studies (CLS)
    5. Computer by IEEE Computer Society
    6. ELT Journal
    7. Journal of Business Venturing
    8. Journal of Computational and Biophysics and Chemistry
    9. Journal of Counseling Psychology 
    10. Journal of Economic Geography
    11. Journal of Marketing
    12. Journal of Psychopathology and Clinical Science (Journal of Abnormal Psychology)
    13. Journal of the ACM (JACM)
    14. Journalism and Mass Communication Educators
    15. Leadership Quarterly
    16. MIT Technology Review
    17. Nature
    18. Nature Genetics
    19. PMLA
    20. Science
    21. South Asian Review
    22. Trends in Biotechnology
    23. Trends in Plant Science

The Library also subscribes to 8 popular magazines of general interest beside the journals. Library patrons can get the latest issues of these magazines from the Help Desk by presenting their library card. Complete list of these magazines is given below.

  1. Economist
  2. Times
  3. Pak Gulf Economist
  4. National Geographic
  5. Reader Digest
  6. Fortune
  7. Harvard Business Review
  8. World times

The library also subscribes to 9 English and Urdu daily newspapers of Pakistan  for the current awareness of the faculty, staff and students, over the national / international scenario. Newspapers are displayed in the main reading hall for consultation. A list of these newspapers is available on our I-Portal.