Locating Call Numbers

What are Call Numbers for

Each book in the library has a unique call number. A call number is like an address: it tells us where the book is located in the library.  Call numbers appear on the spine of the book and in online library catalogue.

Note that the same call number can be written from
top-to-bottom, or left-to-right

Ewing Memorial Library uses Dewey Decimal Classification for call numbers to arrange its collections. This system uses numbers to arrange materials by subjects.

Reading Call Numbers

The Ewing Memorial Library has three floors and its collections are arranged in various halls and rooms on all three floors. The complete collection map is given below.

Ewing Memorial Library Collection Guide

Subject Collection               Location Call No. Range

Ground Floor

English  Language (509) First Room on Right of Entrance 400-480
English Literature (5593) First Room on Right of Entrance 800-880
Journalism (372) First Room on Right of Entrance 070-079
Philosophy & Psychology (1271) First Room on Right of Entrance 100-159
Reference Collection (1296) Reference Room REF001-REF999
Journals and Magazines Reference Room
Islamic Reference Collection (1600) Last Room on Right Corner REF297 -REF297.9

First Floor

Religious Studies (4487) Right Room on Right Stairs 200-299
Pure Sciences (8639) Main Hall Shelves 500-50
Applied Sciences (3099) Main Hall Shelves 600-690
Social Sciences (9609) Left Room on Left Stairs 300 – 390
Computer Sciences (955) Front Room on Left Stairs 003-006

Second Floor

Urdu & Punjabi Language (100) Main Hall Shelves 491.42-491.4399
Urdu & Punjabi Literature (3510) Main Hall Shelves 891.42-891.4399
Geography & History (4751) Main Hall Shelves 900-999
Folio Back File Main Hall Shelves
Bound Volumes of Newspapers Main Hall Shelves