Intermediate Library

Library Collection
The Intermediate Library currently holds around 2000 Books, 5 Magazines and 4 Newspapers in its collection. Subject coverage includes; Popular Readings Books on fiction, adventure, Urdu literature, English literature and grammar. Library has different type of Reference resources including general interest Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, World Maps, World Atlas and Year Book. Access to databases is also available.

Computers are available in the Library for the students along with the wireless as well wired access to Internet. Printing facility is also available to students on payment through Printing Tokens.

Computerized book issue and return system and access to Information-Portal is available to students. This helps them to check their library account anytime from anywhere and allows then to renew their books online on their own, if required.

Library Rules and Services
Library users expected to know and to follow the Library Rules, Procedures and behaviors. All students must read the following:

1. Membership Procedure
2. Borrowing Rules
3. User Rights’ and Responsibilities

For further details and more information, please contact: Mr. Shamile Barkat