Faculty Services

FCC Libraries offer a wide variety of service to the valued faculty members of the university, some of these services are given below:

Suggest a Book
Faculty plays important role in selection and purchase of Library Books and their valued input is very important in the collection development of the library. Faculty may suggest the books to be added in the library by using suggest a book form. But first, please:

  • Check the Library Iportal before making your suggestion. Please suggest only titles not currently in the catalog.
  • Be aware that you may also request a book not held by the Library through Inter Library Loan.

Beside that the Library provides the faculty with up-to-date publishers’ catalogs from which to select appropriate titles. The general policy is to purchase one copy of every title. However, in cases of course books, up to 3 copies may be purchase.

The FCC faculty is the basis of all book selection and is very much encouraged to recommend titles in their fields of specialty but the responsibility for book purchase rests with the Chief Librarian and the professional staff. Up-to-date publishers’ catalogs are provided to faculty to select appropriate titles.

In urgent cases, a teacher may purchase books himself/herself and be reimbursed upon presentation of appropriate invoices or receipts. Please contact Mr. Moqeet Afzaal, Ext. 434 for requesting the purchase of the desired books.

Prioritized Processing of Books
The library continuously acquires new books throughout the academic year. These books are classified and catalogued as soon as they are purchased and teachers are informed of the arrival of such new acquisitions. However, if any book is urgently needed, a teacher may inform the librarian in charge, and the books will be processed priority in within 3 days at most. Please contact Mr. Abdul Majeed on Ext. 423 for this service.

Inter Library Loan
The Ewing Memorial Library has a large collection in all the subject areas taught at Forman Christian College. The Staff of the library continuously tries to add more and more strength in this collection. But still we have some limitations of resources. And sometimes it becomes difficult to fulfill the diversified need of our clients. This is definitely a big challenge for the library. But we are ready to accept this challenge.

To fulfill such needs of our clients, we have developed Inter Library Loan Services (ILL). Through this service we attempt to borrow material from other libraries that is not available in our library. So if you need any book, article, reports, patent etc., which is not available in our library; no need to be worried. Just fill an ILL Form available at the Reference Desk of the library. Our staff will find that book out for you from where it exists and makes it available for you. Our ILL Network at Lahore We have friendly links with the following renowned libraries of Lahore:

  • LUMS Library
  • Punjab University Libraries
  • UMT Library
  • Punjab Group Of College Libraries
  • GC University Libraries
  • Quaid e Azam Library
  • Punjab Public Library
  • Lahore School of economics

Any material available in these libraries can be yours only with a single request!!!!

Course Reserves
Faculty may place books and other materials on the Reserve Shelves. Ideally, the Recommended Readings of the teaching courses, are placed on Reserve or labeled Room Use Only, for the duration of the course (usually the semester), for students to read within the Library or borrow overnight. Faculty members may send the List of Recommended Readings to Miss Madiha Asghar at Ext. 426 minimum 15 days before the start of the Semester.

Course Packs
Due to the budget constraints, the Library can only purchase limited copies of the Course Readings which are not sufficient to serve big numbers of students in the classes. In order to facilitate easy access to course readings fopr all students, the Ewing Memorial Library prepares “Course Packages” upon request by Faculty members, comprising photocopies of recommended pages from the course texts. Course Packs are prepared in 10 copies and issued to the students for limited period of 5 days.

Course Packs are prepared under the Fair Use Policy as permissible under The Government of Pakistan, COPYRIGHT ORDINANCE, 1962, Clause 57 (a) and (h).

E-ToCs – The Periodicals Content Alerts Service
The e-mail-based Electronic Alert Service about the contents pages of newly arrived Journal issues is available to the faculty members upon request. The service is based on the 20 Journals subscribed in-print by the Ewing Memorial Library.

Document Delivery Service
The faculty may request a photocopy from the Periodicals Alerts or electronic copy of any article. Electronic copies of articles of any journal are provided to faculty upon request, using the HEC DL’s “British Library Document Delivery Service” or “American Center (IRC)” Document Delivery Service.

Workshops on Access and Use of HEC Digital Library Resources
The Library Holds (upon request) specific Workshops on the use of HEC Digital Library resources – For individual Departments for resources on their specific subject – For a specific Database to cover the contents and searching techniques for that database – For individual users for their specific information needs– For small groups on daily registrations basis.

Meeting Room Reservation

  • Rooms may only be reserved up to 3 days in advance
  • Reservations can be for a maximum of 4 hours
  • Reservations will be held for 15 minutes after start time.
  • You may make 1 reservation per day.