Oxford Handbooks Online

Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO), the home of scholarly research reviews, is an outstanding collection of the best Handbooks in 14 subject areas.

The Ewing Memorial Library has received access to this valuable E-collection, through AMICAL Consortium as part of its 2013-2015 grant from the Mellon Foundation for purchasing electronic books in humanities disciplines to support the liberal arts at AMICAL institutions . Thanks you AMICAL!

86 E-Books from Oxford Handbooks Online in 3 packages; Literature, Classical Studies and History are now available online for FCC faculty and students.

How to Access and Read

A. Browse Through Books and Articles

1. Please click the on the following links to access the online handbooks in relevant subject areas:
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2. Please check Forman Christian College as in the blue circle in the following picture, in the column on the left.
3. A list of Handbook Title opens – click on any title to open the Handbook and read Online!
4. A click on the “Articles” tab next to “Books” tab will open a list of articles in the books in a subject area.

B. Search Online

1. Click on the link Oxford Handbooks Online to open the following website on any computer in FCC campus.
2. Use the “Search Box” or “Advanced Search Option” to enter your search query
3. In the search results please notice the Green Lock Icon Open next to the articles for your access and download permissions.
4. If the lock icon next to the title is closed and in red color means absence of access rights.


1. African American Slave Narrative
2. American Drama
3. American Literary Naturalism
4. British and Irish War Poetry
5. Children’s Literature
6. Chinese Cinemas
7. Contemporary British and Irish Poetry
8. Early American Literature
9. Early Modern Theatre
10. Ecocriticism
11. Edmund Spenser
12. English Prose 1500-1640
13. Film and Media
14. Global Modernisms
15. Holinshed’s Chronicles
16. Indigenous American Literature
17. Japanese Cinema
18. John Donne
19. Literature and the English Revolution
20. Medieval Literature in English
21. Milton
22. Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
23. Modern Irish Poetry
24. Modernisms
25. Nineteenth-Century American Literature
26. Percy Bysshe Shelley
27. Postcolonial Studies
28. Propaganda Studies
29. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
30. Science Fiction
31. Shakespeare
32. Shakespeare’s Poetry and Poetics
33. The Early Modern Sermon
34. The Elegy
35. The Georgian Theatre 1737-1832
36. Thomas Middleton
37. Transcendentalism
38. Tudor Drama
39. Tudor Literature
40. Victorian Novel
41. Victorian Poetry

Classical Studies and History

1. Animals in Classical Thought and Life
2. Byzantine Studies
3. Childhood and  Education in the Classical World
4. Cities in World History
5. Cold War
6. Cuneiform Culture
7. Engineering and Technology in the Classical World
8. Environmental History
9. Fascism
10. Food History
11. Genocide Studies
12. Greek and Roman Art and Architecture
13. Greek and Roman Coinage
14. Greek and Roman Comedy
15. Hellenic Studies
16. History of Nationalism
17. Iranian History
18. Jewish Daily Life in Roman Palestine
19. Late Antiquity
20. Latin American History
21. Medieval Christianity
22. Medieval Latin Literature
23. Modern African History
24. Modern German History
25. Modern Irish History
26. Modern Scottish History
27. Oral History
28. Papyrology
29. Postwar European History
30. Roman Studies
31. Slavery in the Americas
32. Social Relations in the Roman World
33. The American Revolution
34. The Ancient Regime
35. The Atlantic World 1450-1850
36. The Bronze Age Aegean
37. The History of Communism
38. The History of Consumption
39. The History of Eugenics
40. The History of Medicine
41. The State in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean
42. Warfare in the Classical World
43. Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and Colonial America
44. Women and Gender in Medieval Europe
45. World History