International Partnerships

The Ewing Memorial Library has established links with the following prestigious International Libraries, Consortia and Library Services:

The AMICAL Consortium: Affiliate Member
AMICAL is an international consortium of Libraries of American-model, liberal arts institutions of higher learning. Its mission is to advance learning, teaching and research through the collaborative development of library and information services and curricular resources at member institutions.

Ewing Memorial Library is an Affiliate Member of the Consortium, since 2010. The benefits include Library Staff development opportunities, Access to online trainings on latest Library Technologies and concepts, standard Library Services Evaluation Programs, International Resources-sharing and access to online Databases on cost-sharing basis. Being a part of this Consortium, has helped us add a lot of richness in Ewing Memorial Library Facilities, Programs and Services.

The British Library: Archival Partner (Endangered Archives Programme)
The Ewing Memorial Library is an Archival Partnership with British Library, on a Digital Archiving Project – EAP660 – Nur-i-Afshan archives: Perspectives on the inter-religious history of Punjab from 1873-1944.  Nur-i-Afshan is a multifaceted news magazine which carries the local and international news summaries, government postings, commodity prices, and advertisements, but also opinion articles, essays, proverbs, and poems. of which the Ewing Memorial Library holds the only available copies of the periodical. These survived only due to the care of our Chief Librarian and would otherwise have been discarded along with many other historical publications which are quickly disappearing due to the lack of care, vision, and infrastructure for their preservation and dissemination.

The Case Center: Member
The Ewing Memorial Library is a member of Case Center since 2008. The Case Center is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the case method in business education, and a platform for sharing world-leading knowledge and expertise in case teaching, writing and learning. FCC Faculty of Business and Management Sciences have been provided with access passwords to the world’s largest database of Business Cases. We also have established an account with the Case Center and acquire the Business Cases online as and when when required by the Business Faculty.

OCLC: Member
As a member of AMICAL, the Ewing Library has obtained membership of OCLC RESPOND LIBRARY SERVICES. Deep discounts on OCLC services for library search, cataloging and management of physical and digital collections, training and broader exposure to international standards for library data and services is available to all FCC Libraries under this Program. The benefits of RESPOND include the following:

1) WorldCat – WorldCat is the world’s largest network of library content and services WorldCat connecting our Library to the collections and services of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide icluding the Ewing Memorial Library which we regularly upload into WORLCAT providing access to our resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.

2) CONTENTdm – is a Digital Collection Management Software  – A free online Repository hosting Instance of this software  is available to the Ewing Memorial Library as the AMICAL RESPOND participant. This facility will be utilized for the online housing of the Noor-i-Afshan Digital Archives.

3) OCLC WorldShare Platform is a global platform for exchange, innovation and collaboration to help libraries operate at Webscale, for sharing their resources globally.