Users’ Rights and Responsibilties

The Library Code of Conduct
Every visitor of the Library is expected to follow the FCC Code of Conduct given below:

  • Young men and women may not sit together in empty room and secluded and isolated places.
  • Man and women while studying together must keep in mind the cultural norm. This means no touching and maintaining appropriate distance between them.

General Use Policies
While visiting the Library, we expect our patrons to follow the following rules:

1. Display your University Identity Card. You need it for getting the books issued and visiting the collection areas for general reading and browsing.
2. Using the mobile Pone is not allowed within the Library Please keep your mobile switched off or on ‘VIBRATE’.
3. There is a ‘BAGS ROOM’ at the entrance. Please deposit your bags and personal belongings there before entering the Library. It is advisable to note and remember the shelf number and time of placing the bag on the shelf. In case of theft, this information will be required to fill up a “Theft Report Form” at the Reference Desk.
4. Silence must be observed in the study area. Discussion/inquiry about books may be done from the librarian in low voices near the Circulation Desk or book Issue area.
5. The library staff has the right to ask the students to leave the library, if they are found talking anywhere in the library, in a way, which causes disturbance to other people in the library.
6. Eatables, drinks and smoking is not allowed inside the library
Students who behave in disorderly, disruptive, indecent, offensive, or unreasonable manner will be asked to leave the library and will be reported to the proctor office.
8. All borrowed material from the library must be returned before leaving the library. Items not returned or not issued officially if taken beyond the library premises are considered stolen, and offenders are liable to stern disciplinary action.
9. No other activities accept reading and studying are allowed in the library.
10. Do not deface, make notes on or remove library books or property. Our security cameras are on watch all the time.
11. All students when entering library are bound to adhere and follow to these rules strictly.

Please note that:

Pulling out many books from the shelves un-necessarily is considered vandalism and breach of discipline.