Chief Librarian FCC appointed member of the AMICAL Institutional Research and Assessment Working Group

AMICAL Council has created a new Institutional Research and Assessment Working Group in its 2014 Annual Members Meeting.

Current members of the group are: Daphne Flanagan (AU Sharjah), Sania Battalova (AU Central Asia,), Bushra Jaswal (Forman Christian College, Pakistan,), and Stella Asderi (AC Thessaloniki,).

The purpose of the Institutional Research and Assessment Group (IRAG) is to support the AMICAL goal of “furthering our institutional mission by creating and sharing tools for benchmarking and best practices.” This will be accomplished by initially collecting all past research data from AMICAL institutions that have undertaken research projects supported financially by AMICAL. The research data will be made available to all AMICAL institutions and will be published as appropriate.