Who can use Information Commons?
Information commons facilities and services are restricted to current FCC ID card holders only which includes students, faculty and staff.

For how long is the desktop computer issued?
Desktop computer/laptop/headphones are issued for maximum two hours.

Why do I have a fine on my Account?
Using a computer/laptop/headphones for more than two hours and not returning on due time will incur a fine.

What can’t i get a desktop computer issued for me?
If your account is having a fine of Rs. 50 or more the account is blocked and no transaction can happen for issuance of any material until fine is paid and account is cleared.

How can I get my fine removed?
Pay the fine in Accounts Office and keep the bank slip with you. Fine will be removed on showing the bank slip to the librarian.

What happens if I don’t pay the fine?
Your membership will be suspended and you will no longer enjoy the issuing rights.

How can I get my Computer Reissued?
Computer can be reissued both from IC Help Desk or Online from Library Iportal. Read more detail on FCC Libraries- Information Commons (IC) “How to!” Page.

What happens if an issued computer or any IC equipment is damaged?
The user will be charged FINE for damaging any IC equipment or peripheral.

Can we take Issued laptops outside of IC?
No, Issued Laptops are to be used within the premises of Information Commons(IC).

My “Print Share” drive is not working?
In case print share drive is not working, inform the IC Help Desk or on duty student helpers for support.

Can we plug in Flash Drive in our issued system?
Yes, flash drives can be plugged in on issued systems.

Does express workstation have print share drive?
Express workstations don’t have Print share drive access. Printing service in Information Commons (IC) is solely meant for the users working on issued systems. Anyone not having the issuance of computer will not be entertained for printing service.

What is the purpose of Conference Room?
Conference Room / Meeting Room / IL Instruction Room is multitasking Room meant for Library Staff Meetings, IL instruction Classes and Presentation Rehearsal Room for students. If Vacant and available, it can also be used as a Quiet area for serious researchers to work on their laptops.

How many group members are allowed in the Meeting Room?
Meeting Room has a seating capacity of maximum 15 members at a time. Groups consisting of members more than 15 are not allowed to use the Room.

Where do I get help for using HEC Digital Library?
Follow the link http:library.fccollege.edu.pk to access HEC Digital Library.

What should I do to avoid my data loss?
Take your data with you in a Flash Drive or email it to yourself. Don’t leave the data on the computers.