How To Procedures

How to get a computer issued?
1. Go to the IC Help Desk
2. Give your FCC ID card
3. Get a computer booking card instead
4. Find the issued computer number on the booking card
5. Match the computer no. on the booking card with the computer alcove no
6. Computer will be issued for 2 hours

How to Reissue/Renew the computer?
Computers can be reissued from the IC Help Desk following the same issuing procedure mentioned above. For Online Computer Renewal:

1. Open Library iportal
2. Enter Roll No. (without hyphen) in for the patron ID in the “User Login” box on the right side
3. Enter password & click submit
4. Find the issued computer and check the “select for renewal”
5. Click “Renew” button at the bottom
6. Computer will be successfully renewed
7. The Due Time can also be viewed by clicking on “Summary” on the right side or by logging in again

How to get prints?
1. Save file in Print Share Drive with roll no.
2. Go the IC Help Desk
3. Inform file name
4. Give required number of tokens
5. Prints will be released
6. Pick up & check your prints

How to Reserve IL/Meeting Room in advance?
1. The space may be reserved in-person or over phone up to a week in advance
2. Ask about the availability of the room in the required time slot from IC Help Desk
3. If the room is available, give your name, roll no. day date & time of reservation and other requirements etc.
4. The person reserving the room will take responsibility for the safe usage of facility (damages will be heavily fined)
5. Room is reserved for max. 2 hours per day for individuals & groups
6. The room must be occupied physically within 10 mins. of reservation time to retain the booking