FCC ID card holders with Library Membership are eligible to use the facilities and services.

1) Desktop Computer Workstations: 30 Intel Core i3 Desktop computers designed in clusters with utility software, Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2007 and Deepfreeze installed

2) Laptop Computers: 20 Laptops are available for booking to facilitate group study/collaborative work or for presentation rehearsals. The laptops are for use within IC premises.

3) Multimedia Systems: 3 Core i5 multimedia computers installed with media development software to create media presentations, projects and attending online audio/video lectures, webinars & online conferences etc.

4) Express Workstations: Use these 2 stand-up express workstations for quick reference to any resource online or to make abrupt searches on Google, checking email accounts, searching FOPAC etc.

5) Printing Support: Get prints of assignments, research papers and projects (token based) on Black and White (B&W) and color HP Laser printers.

6) Finishing Corner: A small finishing corner equipped with an Electric stapler, pencil sharpener, 2 and 3 hole puncher to support the users for on-spot finishing support and submission of assignments, research papers and projects.

Specialized Learning Spaces

1) Discussion Booths: Diner style discussion booths with comfortable seating for small groups to use their own laptops, iPads, Tablets, or Ultra books or borrow an IC laptop and work or discuss together on collective projects

2) Meeting Room: A well-equipped multipurpose meeting room with an LCD booked for Information Literacy Instruction for freshman, training sessions, presentation rehearsals, group discussions and collective assignments