NYUAD Writing Program Team visited Ewing Memorial Library

A two member team from New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) visited the Ewing Memorial Library to discuss the plans of the new Writing Center being planned in the new Digital Library Building.

The NYUD team comprised Mr. Ken Nielson, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director for the Wring Center for Arts & Humanities and Ms. Marion C. Wrenn, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Writing Program, Arts & Humanities. Ms. Nukhba Langa Dean of Humanities and Professor Kamal , Head of English Department, FCCU, also joined the meeting.

The FCCU Chief Librarian, Ms. Bushra A. Jaswal shared the space plan of the Writing Center in the new Digital Library building and presented in detail the services and facilities and how the Writing Center can facilitate and collaborate with the upcoming Writing Program faculty and students.
Both Mr. Nielson and Ms.Wrenn highly appreciated the plans and efforts of the librarty in terms of the ways of collaboration and cooperation between the library and Writing Center.

The guests also appreciated the comprehensive 3-level Information Literacy Program of the Ewing Memorial Library and the heroic contribution of the library staff for delivering such an intense and massive Program for Freshman, Baccalaureate and post graduate students.