Weekly New Books List

New Books Added to Library during Week of May 13-20, 2011

The following Books have been processed and added to the Ewing Memorial Library Collection during last week. These are on display in the Library as “Fresh Arrivals” for the current week and will be available for issuance, next week.
Please send an e-mail to Library or call Ext. 426 to reserve any of these books for you if you want to issue them next week or for any further information.

Thank you for your interest in Ewing Memoriual Library Services.

Eighteenth-century philosophy / edited and with an introd. by Lewis White Beck
Publisher: New York : Free Press, 1966.
Call No.: 108 E347 1966
The open society and its enemies / by K.R. Popper.
Publisher: New York : G. Routledge ; Harper Torchbooks, 1962.
Call No.: 320.01 P8312O 1962
Kant : A collection of critical essays / edited by Robert Paul Wolff
Edition: 1st ed.
Publisher: London : University of north dame press, 1967.
Call No.: 193 W8556K 1967
A History of European thought in the nineteenth century / by John Theodore  Merz
Publisher: New York : Gloucester Mass ; Dover, 1976.
Call No.: 190 M577E 1976
Kant / by Stephan Korner
Publisher: Harmondsworth ; Middlesex : Penguin Books, 1955
Call No.: 193 K847K 1955
The Greek and Roman world / by W. G.Hardy
Edition: Rev. ed.
Publisher: Cambridge ; Mass. : Schenkman Pub. Co., 1962.
Call No.: 938.219 H268G 1962
History of philosophy / by Marias Julian ; translated by Stanly Appelbaum and Clarence C. Strowbridge.
Publisher: New York : Dover Publications, 1967.
Call No.: 109 J942H 1967
From Euclid to Eddington : A study of conceptions of the external world / by Sir Edmund Whittaker
Publisher: New York : Dover Publications, 1958.
Call No.: 501 W6241F 1958
God in Greek philosophy to the time of Socrates by Roy Kenneth Hack …
Publisher: Princeton : Princeton University Press for the University ofCincinnati, 1931.
Call No.: 180 H118G 1931
Kant : selections / by Immanuel Kant edited, with introduction, notes, and bibliography by Lewis White Beck.
Publisher: New York : Macmillan ; London : Collier Macmillan, c1988.
Call No.: 193 K1677K 1988
The history of science in Western civilization / by L. Pearce Williams, Henry John Steffens.
Publisher: Washington : University Press of America, c1978.
Call No.: 509.1821 W7211H 1978
The Republic of Plato / Translated with introducyion and notes by Francis Macdonald Cornford.
Publisher: New York : Oxford university Press, 1945.
Call No.: 523.482 R4263 1945
The discovery of the mind : in Greek philosophy and literature / by  Bruno Snell.
Publisher: New York : Dover, 1982.
Call No.: 182 S6714D 1982
Perception, theory and commitment : The new philosophy of science / by Harold I. Brown
Publisher: Chicago : University of chicago Press, 1977.
Call No.: 501 B87717P 1977
Philosophy of mathematics / by Stephen F. Barker.
Publisher: Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall 1964.
Call No.: 510.1 B2551P 1964
A history of Greek philosophy / by William Keith Chambers Guthrie
Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1965.
Call No.: 182 G9841H 1983
The Pre-Socratics : A collection of critical essays Edited by Alexander P. D. Mourelatos
Publisher: Garden City, New York : Anchor Press, 1974.
Call No.: 182 P9225 1974
The scientific revolution / edited by Vern L. Bullough
Publisher: Huntington ; New York : R. E. Krieger Pub. Co., 1978.
Call No.: 509 B9386S 1978
Leibniz : An introduction / by C. D. Broad ; edited by C. Lewy.
Publisher: London : Cambridge University Press, 1975.
Call No.: 193 B8631L 1975
A short account of the history of mathematics / by W. W. Rouse Ball
Publisher: New York : Dover Publications, 1960.
Call No.: 510.9 B1871S 1960
Episodes from the early history of mathematics / by  Asger Aaboe
Publisher: New York : Random House Inc., 1964.
Call No.: 510.901 A11199E 1964
Thinking machines : A layman’s introduction to logic, Boolean algebra, and computers / by  Irving  Adle ;With diagrs. by Ruth Adler
Publisher: New York : John Day Co., 1961.
Call No.: 511.3 A2371T 1961